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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Super Bowl 2014

While the game itself was a little lopsided, I had something other to spend my time on:

Thanks to the most creative cook in the world  !

Las Vegas

Since I was sadly not chosen to participate in All-Star weekend, and I am sad about that… I was invited to visit Las Vegas.

Frist our flight though Dallas got cancelled because of snow, so we had to redirect through San Antonio with a one night layover. Time to sleep at home, have some homemade food, meet my parents in law. Our big dog. Always great to come here.

Then finally arrived in the city of sin and was stunned. You have to go there to believe. New York, Paris all in just a walk distance.

Shows and Casinos everywhere. Went to a great show by magician David Copperfield. 
Time flies in that city. So many things to do, so many places to visit, there just isn’t enough time for all.

Olympic Games

Olympic games have started in Sochi. I was blessed to be part of the Olympic Experience in Beijing with Team Germany, so I know what it feels like to be an Olympian.

I follow as many of the competitions as I can through internet live streams of ARD and ZDF and I fever for all German participants to win the Gold.

Meanwhile I love the USA for shopping. I can get casual shoes in my size in a regular shop. What a joy !

Q&A with Tim

Received a lot of feedback through my new twitter account @TimOhlbrecht, which I could not all reply to, please excuse me. Let me summarize some of the most frequent questions.

Living in the USA:

I really feel at home in the states. I have my family here, which was also one of the reasons to return to RGV for another run.

Regarding the NBA and my pursuit of it; I will try to explain it best:

Have you seen the Enterprise movie Generations ? Kirk and Picard are transported to the NEXUS, to which Soran wants to return so badly. The NBA is just like this, it is the NEXUS of Basketball. Once you have been there and experienced it… It is so hard to let go off it, to not strive as hard as one can to get back there. Don’t get me wrong, I am not blind running after a dream, but I will try it again this one year with all I have. Feedback from the league personal, that all of us get on a day to day basis, is good, so why not give it a try.
Shoutout to all Trekkis out there.

Level of play:

Don’t underestimate the level of competition the dleague is providing. The top 50 players of our league can compete for spots on NBA teams without question and would also make good impressions on almost any team outside the US. The kind of basketball is just different from Euro basketball. It is guard driven/dominated, high intensity, athletic basketball, but it is NOT up and down YMCA ball by no means. Coaches and almost all affiliated teams do have a clear philosophy and structure in what they do and expect. The dleague franchises we all play for are owned by business people to provide the pro sport of basketball to their region, they do business. Yes players are paid and employed by the league, but belong to the franchises.

If you have more questions, please mail or twitter, I will try to answer soon.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Home and Home with Toros

Back to back series, home and away, with the affiliate of the San Antonio Spurs the Austin Toros. It is always great to come here, as it is so close to my US Home near San Antonio. Had some family visiting the game and I provided them with a little treat scoring 29 Points.

  We had Rob Covington back on assignment from the Rockets, which makes us even stronger. Then we had a redeye nighflight back to McAllen to close out the series with the Toros at our home court State Farm Arena. Toros weren’t letting me beat them this time, sending double teams at me everytime I touched the ball. They held me to 10 points, which was disappointing, but by this they had to leave someone open and we shared the ball to get Rob Covington a fieldday with a double double of 34 points and 10 boards. Good thing, I hit a three again, which had deluded me a couple of games and we WON, which is first and foremost our team goal. My three is really coming back. No wonder, as I take so many of them after practice, it is just so hard to get some in our three-heavy offense, so I try to focus on the other things  we need.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Back 2 Back in Dallas

We went on to Frisco to a back to back nights series with the Dallas Mavericks D-League affiliate the Texas Legends.

The Legends featured PJ Hairston who has come into the league late but with a splash, averaging 27 a night. Larkin and Ledo were on assignment for the second game too from the Mavs, making thing not much easier.

We lost the first game close, but I have to take some blame for that, as I did not perform up to my standards with a 8 and 8 showing. I was fuming about this and really promised my teammates to not let the team down like that in the second game.

I didn't disappoint erupting for 29 and 20, which paced our team in both categories and secured us the win.  Felt good to have things clicking round the rim and in this second game my hands were like magnets to the balls, they just kept coming my way.

Had some problems getting back as ice and snow canceled our flight back. Hope to make it back in time to catch some Super Bowl.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Best Game so far

Had my best game of the season so far. In our win against Tulsa, who had beaten us badly just the other night, I managed 28 points and 13 rebounds in a season high 37 minutes to help my team take revenge on the 66ers. I was also voted Player of the Game:

It felt good to be out on the court with my teammates in State Farm Arena and we won the crowd some free taccos, when we cracked 120 points.

After the game I treated my body real well after the game with jumping into a tub of ice water:

This is what separates the boys from the men, and please, before you call me out for stepping into the ice with long sports tights...try it yourself and then judge me.